Natalia P. Florida

Leading Children in America

This letter explains the struggles that the children in this generation go through and how the president needs to address it

Dear Future President,


My name is Natalia Pineiro and I am a citizen of these United States of America. I am writing to you today because I want to ensure that you’re setting the right example for the children of America.


In this day in age, the media is constantly influencing children 17 and younger. The way in which you were raised differs completely to how this generation is raised. We have more pressure from our peers and more insecurity that we place on ourselves. In public, we choose to show we feel others find to be the best versions of ourselves even though that’s not truly who we are. Despite our tough exteriors, we teenagers are under much more stress than any adult could imagine. Not only does our appearance have weight on people’s opinions of ourselves, but what we say, do, like, dislike, and more is all judged by the people around you. A child could feel as though if they don’t fit in with their peers, then they aren’t relevant enough.


You may ask, “how does this play in with your role as president?” It is your job as president to lead everyone by example. You shouldn’t take opportunities, such as press conferences or any other event in which you would speak to America, to put down others or make fun at anything or anyone. You should take your job as seriously as possible to show the younger generation of Americans that despite the cruel, nasty comments that others may tell you, you shouldn’t let that hold you back from doing anything you want.


I truly hope that during your term you make efforts to lead the children of America on a good track to a successful future!


Thank you for you considering this matter.



Natalia Marie Pineiro

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