Kayce D. Georgia

When Will It Stop?

Police brutality is out of control.

Dear Future President,

Soon the black race will be extinct like dinosaurs. Police brutality is getting out of control and it needs to be stopped. We need a miracle for our lives. Future president we need your help.

Police officers are taking their power out of control. Black people are getting killed from left and right. Police misconduct is usually faced with two issues: actually committing a crime or not following police department guidelines and regulations according to, "Police Misconduct." Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society. It’s not fair because we’re not getting justice. Police officers are not getting consequences for what they did. All they get is suspended or a talk maybe, that’s not good enough. They need to be sent to jail. It’s not fair to the victim’s family.

They should have better training cops. They should be stricter. Also, cops shouldn’t have guns because they don’t know how to use it properly. They take their ability of having a gun too far. So, they need to be taken away for good. Only people in the army or the military should have them. People should start taking defense/fighting classes to help them out with criminals.

People say that cops are the heroes, but how are they heroes when they killing people for no reason? Kids and adults are scared to get near or talk to cops. It’s all because cops want to do the wrong thing. Some parents are scared because they don’t know if their next or their kids. Cops are showing that they don’t care. But, if an African American kills a white cop people would go crazy.

Police Brutality needs to be stopped before it gets out of hands. People don’t trust cops no more and I don’t blame them for it. Soon, people will handle it themselves, and we don’t need that. We need to join together and stop them with peace.

Thanks for your consideration,

Kayce D.