Jin Georgia

The Debt

The U.S. is being plunged into a debt that we may not come out of. We need to pay off these debts.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

The U.S’s and its citizens debt is growing and growing every second. It is causing problems for this country and people are losing their job because they can’t pay their taxes. Because of this it will also add to the national debt. If we don't solve this problem the U.S will be in a debt they can’t get of. This debt is a must end!

According to the website usadebtclock.org the U.S national debt is almost at 20 trillion dollars and is rising every second. We can possibly be put in another great depression. Do we really want to be in another depression? This time we may not get out of it. If we don't there will be pain and suffering in this country. Nobody wants to be on the streets going around scavenging for food and jobs. The security of the U.S can possibly also be at risk if it ever happens. So for the safety of the people and the country we should pay off these debts. You may never know what will happen.

We owe foreign countries five trillions of dollars to other countries like China. We owe them one point three trillion stated by theblaze.com. It also states that we owe six trillion dollars to the Federal Government. China is also in debt so they probably are demanding their payment from us to cover their debt. If other countries are demanding their payment now then the countries paying them who are already in debt will have problems. So if we pay our debts then we could help our allied countries so they will pay most or hopefully all their debt.

One solution to pay this debt is creating jobs that is useful to the economy and it is a well paying job for the worker. It will create more jobs and people to be employed and they can finally pay their debts and it will decrease the national debt. It will lift people on their feet and America will strive. I know what you're thinking, I can’t create enough job, get enough resources, and enough money for this in time. Well, you can encourage big companies like apple, windows, and wal-mart. They can create small jobs and expand on them and the people will finally have jobs and those companies will strive even higher. Small companies with enough money can make more jobs and it will also strive making them more successful putting them in competition with bigger companies.

If these jobs strive then the citizens can strive. If they both strive then America will strive. The economy will probably boom and we can focus on more important stuff instead of worrying about the debt. Do your part as a president and help us and the country.