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Transgenders Matter

my letter is about insurance not covering the transgender sex change surgery or anything to do with the transgender transition because they look at it as a cosmetic surgery.

Dear future president

I’m writing you today

Because insurance does not cover anything to do with the transgender transition/or sex change surgery it is looked at as a cosmetic surgery.

This needs to change because

This is a very serious and sad mental problem .

Most people will say that being transgender is not a mental problem but being transgender is a mental problem no transgender wants to be transgender and we never asked for it. I hate being transgender .

Another reason why this is a serious problem is because there are thousands and thousands of transgender kids committing suicide every day . because they feel like they're never gonna be able to have the sex change and there never gonna be able to be the sex they were supposed to be born and there bodies are never gonna match their brain because they are never gonna be able to afford it . because insurance doesn't cover it or even help pay for it . Also I don’t know if you heard of Leelah Alcorn. She WAS a transgender girl she was born male but had a female brain like me but unfortunately Leelah Alcorn took her life because she was transgender and her family didn’t take her serious and she felt that sense she doesn't have support and she'll never have enough money to get the sex change she felt why even live so she took herself from the world .

So i think the president could help us help the transgender community make it where insurance will cover the sex change surgery .

Some people may say that this is not an important issue and transgenders getting sex changes is not important well my response would be well tell that to the thousands and thousands of lives lost because someone being born in the wrong body .

So the reason why i feel that my solution will help resolve this issue is because so many lives will be saved .and i know people don't understand but when you were born the sex that you weren't supposed to be and you're looked at as weird and different it really affects someone's whole entire life ,

When you are born normal you're already living the life you know is you and that was supposed to be you but transgenders are forced to be someone they're not .



Oak Hills High School

Hodges Eng III: Bell 6

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