Marlynn New Jersey


Terror attacks are getting out of control

Dear Future President,

Hi. :)( i hope that smiley face brightens your day. Anyway..) I’m here to talk about a major problem and you probably already know. Terrorism. Terrorism has been a major problem since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardo. And there has to be a solution.

Terrorism is the top issue facing the U.S. Before 2001, terrorism barely registered as the most facing the country. Then at 9/11 the percentage of terrorism spiked up. Then it went down again. But since the Boston marathon Bombers the percentage kept going up and down. The terrorism needs to stop really. People are getting injured or even killed because of these attacks. It really needs to stop.

Studies show that at least 15 homeowners of month have been moving away because of the terror attacks. I think,future president, that you should have a lot more security on airports because people from other countries are coming to our country without notice and the next thing you know there’s breaking news on CNN. All of these terror attacks can lead to war. And nobody wants another war. We need to take control of this.

There is a lot more kids growing up in the United States and I'm guessing you don’t want the kids of america growing up where terror attacks happen every year. It’s really crazy how these terror attacks are happening lately. It has to come under control. Future President I advise you to get this under control. There are even some people that live in the united states all their lives and do these terror attacks . It’s not only security at airports and common sense in our country. For example at a gun store, you can’t just sell a gun to a child. You need to make sure you know who you’re selling the gun to. And make sure nothing is fake.(if you know what I’m saying)

So in conclusion, my name is marlynn and I can promise you I'm not the only one who wants terrorism to stop.