Sierra M. Illinois

Bringing truth and acceptance back to politics

The people deserve the truth from the person who's trying to become their next president

Dear Future President, 

I feel as if our next president should be someone of class, acceptance, and integrity. Someone who doesn't judge and respects everyone's opinions. It's important that our future president possess these traits because this means you can accept all citizens. There have been many cases where we saw a candidate make fun of and insult women, a disabled man, and people not of their race. It's very ignorant to pass judgement and disrespect someone because you don't understand them or because you don't agree with them. It looks even worse when our Commander in Chief is blatantly disrespecting someone because they're different or not something they're familiar with. There's also a point where you're embarrassing this person. There have also been comments made that are just down right disgusting and they seem almost unreal when you hear them. How can you expect anyone to respect you at president when you can't even respect a person for them?

Another problem is how common it is for politicians to lie. They're trying to sell us these pitches and make us vote for them but as soon as they become president things get controversial. It's because things are so secretive so there's no trust from the people being put into the politician. They sometimes treat it as if they're persuading us to buy something from  them. Their should be some truth put back into politics because this is a person in charge of the entire country. It's a big responsibility that can't be done flawlessly, but at least should be done with some truth behind it.