Sophia S. New Jersey

Taste The Rainbow

I am for gay marriage.

Letter to The Next President

Dear President elect Trump,

People come to America because they want to have the same rights as everyone else. When people come here no matter what race, gender or their sexuality we should all be able to support them in how they want to live their life. Gay marriage is how 3.8 percent of this country chooses to live. As a country, we shouldn't make them feel shunned upon or less than anyone else we should make them feel loved and treat them like every other person. Gay marriage should always stay legal because we all just don't wake up and choose who we want to like. We were all born different and in school we are always taught to treat everyone fair no matter who they are. I also believe that the government shouldn't have to categorize it as an issue but as something most people just don't understand. Some people may think that people who are gay are dangerous but they are just different. My best friends moms are gay but I don't see them as different I just see them as two very nice ladies who love each other and their two boys. During your campaign you send you want to bond America that is one way you can bond the country. That is how I see it and I hope you see it the same way that I do.