Brooke Wisconsin

Clown Craze: A serious matter or pranks gone too far.

Why clowns need to be stopped before it's too late.

Dear future president,

The recent clown “attacks” or sightings have been getting out of control. People are scared to let their children go outside, arrests have been made and people could get hurt. Most of the U.S states have had sightings and we need to think of a way to stop this before it’s too late. Are these sightings and attacks a serious matter or just pranks to get a laugh?

One reason we need to stop these clowns, is that people are scared. Some people won’t let their kids go out at night or in the day. Parents shouldn’t have to constantly have to be worrying about their kids getting kidnapped or hurt by these clowns. My own school had a clown threat on social media; even though, it was a hoax. I was worried about what would happen if clowns came. One clown case in South Carolina, kids reported to see clowns by their apartment trying to lure them into the woods with money. People shouldn’t have to live with the fear of clowns showing up and what would happen to everyone.

Another reason the clown “craze” should be stopped is people are getting arrested. I believe the clowns should be arrested for terrorizing people even if they're not doing anything illegal. They are chasing cars and people with chainsaws it’s not a laughing matter. Even if it is someone trying to scare people it’s not funny. These people could be crazy and trying to hurt people and kidnap children. In the beginning it was a good laugh but it has gone too far.

The last reason we need to stop the clowns is because people could get hurt. Some of these clowns could be mentally ill and could possibly hurt people. A woman in Gloucestershire, England got stabbed by a clown on her own doorstep. Whether she was targeted or not, this is serious. People shouldn’t be getting hurt over something like this. Another reason people could get hurt is if the people hurt the clowns. In self-defense people will do a lot to protect themselves and someone could shoot or hurt the clowns. Some people don’t know what your intentions are and what you are trying to do. This is dangerous either way. These clowns need to stop before more people get hurt.

In conclusion, I think this clown business needs to stop. These clowns are getting out of control. People are scared to go out, people are getting arrested for dressing up as clowns and people can potentially get hurt. We need to be safe and not afraid. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. These are all reasons that these clowns need to be stopped.