Kate Wisconsin


Why clowns should not be allowed to roam the streets.

Dear Future President,

I am very concerned about the recent encounters involving clowns. There are people dressing up like clowns that are out to scare people and sometimes hurt them. People are becoming frightened when they see a clown roaming the streets. It is an issue for the professional clown industry.

The clowns are everywhere. They are in states from California to Vermont. The clowns have been spotted recently in 21 other states. There is even a clown in Green Bay WI, named Gags. Some people have weapons to defend themselves if they see a clown. The clowns are spreading fear around the U.S.A.

My mom doesn’t like clowns. She is scared of them because of all of the scary movies with clowns in them. Even happy clowns can be scary. When sees a clown on TV she quickly changes the channel. Many other people around the U.S.A. see clowns the same way that my mom does, and agree that they have to go.

Nothing is being done about this clown problem. The police say, “ the clowns aren’t doing anything wrong so there is not much we can do.” The clowns are doing something, they are scaring, chasing, and causing chaos. Something must be done about the clowns terrorizing people nationwide.

The clowns are said to be promoting a new movie that was supposed to come out around Halloween, but no one has seen a camera crew. Is this clown ordeal seriously trying to promote a movie ,or is it just a sick joke to scare people? Why the clowns are all over the United States, no one really knows.