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Vaccines have been a topic of heated debate among parents and guardians. Many children who are vaccinated often develop other dangerous types of diseases and some obtain strange disabilities.

Dear Future President,

I am a 12th grader in Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School, North Miami Beach, FL. As an older sibling to two little sisters and a brother I feel compelled to write to you about vaccination in the country. Complicated conjugate vaccines are often found to alter and even hinder the development of children. In fact, thousands of cases have been reported each year of children developing severe disorders such as autism and narcolepsy after being vaccinated. Yet, many pediatricians still enforce vaccinations to children who's body systems are still in the process of development.

Medicine in our country is a big business and doctors often try to enforce vaccines in order to get a higher paycheck. I feel like the health system needs to be under more control and further actions should be taken in order to make sure that these vaccines are safe. The substances of the shots need to be re-evaluated and further studied to ensure their safety. Surely the health of a child is more important than the few extra dollars that the doctor earns.

 I understand that vaccines are very effective against many dangerous and even fatal diseases however, they should not deteriorate the overall health of the child. As the president you could have a large hand in aiding the solution to this problem, and I sincerely hope that you take this issue seriously. I as a brother, care about the well-being of my siblings and would sleep much calmer knowing that further actions are taken to make vaccines safer. 


Jhon Ostanin

[email protected]

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #3

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