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Animal Trafficking

The U.S. is responsible for over 70% of animal trafficking! Halt animal trafficking in its tracks by raising pay of wildlife rangers and putting more protection on the many endangered species of our generation.

Dear Future President

As a growing youth in today's, world my mind is stimulated about many things, but something I feel very strongly about is America and its stance on global animal trafficking. This worldwide problem is a very terrifying thing, and if overlooked anymore, will become a possible epidemic. As the next leader of the the land of the free, you will need to halt animal trafficking in its tracks by raising pay of wildlife rangers and putting more protection on the many endangered species of our generation.

Too many countries are targeted as starters of this terrible phenomenon and as hubs for wildlife smuggling, but the united states is responsible for an estimated 70% of all illegal wildlife trade through poaching, importing, and exporting thousands of helpless animals. This number is just a hint at the millions and billions of dollars wasted throughout black markets that donโ€™t account for sales tax or the market price of the actual item. In addition to this many homeless or below poverty line people are actually making money as cash cows from illegal businesses like this. Terrorist groups, gun smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal drug salesmen all use this crime network as a cash cow for more and more of what they need to keep their businesses going strong. If a young adult such as me grows up in a world with such a corrupted economy their ideas on money and how it is made will also be corrupted causing even more outbreak on this subject. In fact, a siberian tiger fur, illegal to kill and is endangered, is worth a price of about $70,000. A number like this represents a whole armada of animal species worth thousands of dollars.

This million dollar scam also has a terrible effect on ecotourism. Many natural havens have wonderful plants and landforms, but hidden in this all is the kingdom of animalia. Ecotourism is a large part of many developing countries with lots of natural habitats to explore such as deserts, rainforests, and swamps. When wildlife is smuggled across borders or poached off of lands this business stops and goes in a downward spiral. When a high-profile business such as this one is slowly eradicated by a crime scandal with extreme brutality too much money is lost down the drain of modern economy and into the depths of the black market.

With help from a strong figure of authority such as you , future president, I feel that this fatal wildlife crisis can come to an end and a new era where animals are respected by all, and crime rate all over the world will start to take a few steps backward. When you begin your term future president I hope that you will train more rangers, put more jail time into smuggling and killing of endangered species, put more protection on park reserves and safari zones, and track down hackers and networks that sell poached animals.