Sierra Massachusetts

Why High School Should Start Later

There are many advantages to having school start later for high school students.

Dear Next President,

Good afternoon! My name is Sierra, I would like to first start off with congratulating you on your big success! You have worked so hard to make it to this point in leading our country to a great success. I have some things to say that may help out with that success.

High schools around the world start very early, as early as 7 o’clock. Students have to wake up earlier to get ready for school. Many students, like myself, can't wake up in time to eat breakfast. When we are walking to the bus it's still dark out. It's cold and dreadful. When we get to school and start class at about 7:30 o’clock we are all still sleeping and not awake. Our Brian's have not turned on yet. Teachers start teaching right away and nobody really takes it in because we aren't awake that early, we can't think that early. After school students have sports to attend. They usually run late which gives less time to sleep to then wake up so early. Some teachers say then do a sport and go to bed earlier, well we want to have something to get away from school once and awhile. If school started later, than students would get the proper amount of sleep time to then wake up later and have food, have time, have energy for a long school day. Students would get better grades because their brains will actually be awake to take in the information the teacher is saying. This is why I believe high school should start later. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.