Ranferi I. California

Keep our community clean!

The environment is an important part of our country.

 Dear Future President,

As a high student, I go to a school that is far from my home. From my community at home and my community at school, they both have many things that are different and similar. I feel that the problem that they both share is that people have no love for their community. In other words, I feel that everyone must cooperate and care for their community. When I’m walking down the street, I see the environment full of pollution. People just pass by trash and don’t even bother to pick it up. Since I live in Los Angeles, one of the most polluted cities in America, it’s hard to fix the problem by myself. According to Los Angeles Times, “Los Angles remains the city with the worst ozone pollution” (Associated Press). It just shows how badly our environment has been getting because of our actions.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I have seen how bad pollution can get. Many people wouldn’t really consider this a political issue, but I feel that it affects every American resident out there. No matter what race or income rank; it will affect us all. This reflects our community as a whole because it shows how people are. It makes the public seem like they don’t care about the world around them. Basically, people are too lazy to pick up trash or at least to throw away their own trash. We need to live in a safe environment in order for us to survive and continue with our normal lives as human beings. We must respect our land, so we won’t meet up with death and disease. Plus, living in a nice clean neighborhood would be nice for a change.

My reason that I am bringing this up to the future president is that you have the power and the opportunity to prevent it from getting worse. Not only that you have the power to make sure it doesn’t happen in other places around the country. A stepping stone to get a cleaner country is to get the people in sync with you. You must first address the problem to the public and make them realize what they are doing is wrong. If the public doesn’t get it through their thick skulls, we will never solve the problem. It would continue until it gets worse and worse. Or you can make a more serious punishment for people who get caught littering. You can make people that are in jail to do some cleaning, to make their time be more useful rather than wasteful. If we are able to change one mind at a time, we can hopefully get a better more cleaner and brighter future.


Ranferi Iglesias