Leo L. Florida

An Issue of Corruption

All Governments have some form of Corruption, more so in the economically bigger nations like the USA, so this letter is meant to discuss some parts of this corruption.

To Mrs./Mr. President

This letter is sent to discuss about the corruption in our government, and how Major Corporation control our government. How is it that our constitution was meant to represent us the people of the United States, when only the top 1% has the most power over our government, and the most benefits, while the other 99% of people must suffer the backlash and effects of unjust laws and loop-holes that government creates for those Major Corporations. The sad part is that the only way to be successful in being elected is having costly advertisement, which these Major Corporations fund for political favors, and if the candidate plans to have policies which will be disadvantageous for these Major Corporations they would conspire with other politicians and media to belittle the candidate and stop those policies form being enacted in any way possible. Our economy is also affected by this corruption, which is Wall Street, where all the stocks are compiled and shown, which much of that stock has been fixed to make things look good or bad in a certain way to bolster the Major Corporation’s pocket, by destroying competition, and finding loop-holes in the system by scamming the system itself for economical gain.

One organization that is talked so little about but probably is the source of the most corruption in out nation is the Federal Reserve. The idea and plan for the Federal Reserve was enacted at 1910 in a meeting that took place on Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was than passed by an act form congress, which the debate for it was shortened because of holidays-which with political maneuvering it was planned for that to happen on purpose-the Federal Reserve was than officially opened on December 23rd, 1913. The Federal Reserve was established as a private central bank with shareholders from major world banks, and the exact shareholdings aren’t public. As the jurisdiction of our nations money and printing of said money was moved from our government to a privately own central bank with big major banks shareholders which we know nothing about, now that our government gave up our right to control and print our economy and gave it away to those that have their own interest apart from ours, now we are just a piece for those 1% who control the world. One of our previous presidents was said to have tried to topple this giant that we call the Federal Reserve, and that president was John F. Kennedy. It was said that the true reason that JFK was assassinated was because he was planning to shutdown the Federal Reserve by signing the Executive Order 11110, so the Federal Reserve trying to conserve its corrupt self and keep its power over our government decided to stop JFK by assassination, as those with power will do anything to keep its power no mater the moral dilemmas. A similar thing happened when JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy ran for presidency to continue on his brothers plan to replace the Federal Reserve and was than assassinated.

Hopefully as president you can keep form this corruption from growing or maybe eliminate the majority of it, and actually make laws that have no loop-holes and that are beneficial to the American people, not to the 1% and Major Corporations and the Major Banks.

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