Kya Georgia

Child heat Stroke

How a "pik and a click" could change children's lives

Dear Next President,

Do you know that feeling of having the sun glow off your skin when you’re at the beach? What if we just changed the scenery from being at the beach to in the car with no open windows? The car would be insanely hot and you would being burning with sweat dripping off your face. This has happened to many kids where their parent leave them in a car to grab something on a hot day, but what they don’t realize it that leaving them there could cause their kid a heat stroke and possibly die.

Parents, guardians, and nannies have left their kid in a car, not knowing how hot the car can really get in just a few minutes. 80% of the heat in the car builds up in the first 10 minutes. The baby’s guardian might not know how hot it can really get in a car on a hot day, but there are multiple people who pass by a car with a burning hot baby inside. Even after hearing the baby crying from being too hot the people till pass the car.

About one kid dies every nine days from having a heat stroke from being left in the car too long. We need to try to find a way to prevent or decrease most of these child deaths, because in the past 25 years around 750 kids have died, and 87% of these deaths are kids between the ages of 3 and under. Personal I know how hot it can really get inside a car, because once my brother a soccer game that I had to go to. When I got to the game I decided to stay in the car the WHOLE time, as in an hour and 45 minutes in a black car with no AC. It wasn’t even that hot outside but it felt like it was a thousand degrees in the car; I ended opening the door which made the alarm go off, and sprinting to my brother to get the keys to shut off the alarm. After that I have never waited in the car on a WARM day for more than 5-10 minutes without AC.

I think I might have a suggestion on how to try and decrease the amount of child heat stroke deaths. Maybe you can have or ask any or all electronic companies to add on an automatic installed app that’s connected to the police. So if someone passes by a car on a hot day with a baby in it they could just take a picture of the licenses plate, add a caption of the location to the picture and send it to the police. That way when they're done they could just keep doing what their doing, or wait for the police to come to give them more information. Either way that person could have just saved a kid’s life.

If the app becomes successful, then so many people could save a kid with a "pic and a click."

These tragedies might be the least of your concerns but this topic means very much to me. If you could just spare a sliver of your time to take up my suggestion, and put it to action then that would be amazing.  Please understand how much it means to me and many other people, and do something about this.


Kya A.