Benjamin B. Kentucky

U.S economy

I am here to talk to you (the future president) about the us economy.

   Did you know that over half the U.S population dose not have jobs!!! I will be talking about some of the issues of the U.S economy. I will  talk about three different issues of are economy. I hope that what i say could change your way of seeing are economy.

   first of all the US is doing a great job of getting new jobs for us. But these new jobs are not good because they are not full time, productive jobs in are economy. The middle class is still struggling, and the economy does not seem to be handling this very good at lasting and high-paying opportunities. This cold be a issue because these jobs do not pay as much and they do not have as many days of the week that they need to get money for there family.

   My second reason is that only half the US population has jobs!!!!! This is bad because if they do not work then they don't get money. If they do not make money they can not pay for their family, food, shelter, clothing, ect. Then, the government has to pay for their food and that will make the government lose money.

   Another reason is that some people who cant have jobs get payed by the government and other people who can have jobs are to lazy to do their job. So as a result they think it is just better to not have a job and get payed a bit less. This is a issue because this is putting a big debt in the economy.

I hope that the issues I discussed about the US economy changed your prospective. These are some things we need to think about getting rid of these issues. These are issues that I think are the worst. I hope that it is possible to make some of these changes.


Benjamin B.



Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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