sarah rolain Wisconsin


I think the U.S.A needs better borders/security between the U.S and Mexico. One reason the U.S needs better boarders is, because illegal immigrants are mainly coming in from Mexico and taking our jobs. Illegal immigrants are able to take our jobs, because they are willing to work for less than minimum wage and the U.S.A. That means employers will most likely employee the person that will take less money. Wisconsin has ruffley 68,000 illegal immigrants that have jobs and, 129,931 legal unemployed adults.

Another reason I think illegal immigration is not healthy  for our country is, because undocumented immigrants generally don't pay taxes. If you don't pay taxes than other people are paying for you. Americans usually pay around 50,000 per year in taxes. America will fall apart if no one pays any taxes.

My last reason illegal immigrants need to be deported from our country is for our safety. If one lives close to the boarder it is very unsafe on the other side in certain areas. A lot of young immigrants have ended up in gangs in the past. According to center for immigrants studies some of the most notorious gangs in America are made up of illegal immigrants. So in conclusion, Americans need their jobs back, we need to only pay for ourselves, and we need America to become safer. This won't happen without better boarders.