Grace L. Wisconsin


Depression is a major problem that can happen to anyone. While someone is depressed, they can start thinking about suicide. Everyone should try to help those who are depressed before anything goes out of hand.

Dear Future President,

Every year, 10% of people die from depression. Depression is not the easiest problem to fix, especially because we can not force people to feel happier, but we can at least show that we care. Some people in the world bully others, which makes others feel bad about themselves and it can lead to depression. I think we should try to include depressed people with what we do and possibly show that we care about them. Especially stop making fun of them. Mostly because they think that no one cares about them and their actions. We should try harder to make them know that they make a difference in our world.

Many people are sensitive. Especially when it comes to comments and insults. Everyone does not like being insulted, towards depressed people, they take those insults and over think about it. They think about it more until they feel as if they are not good enough. With that, they feel hopeless, and possibly judging themselves in every way. Once that happens, they may even change their appetites and diet. Sooner or later, their body will get unhealthy and would not be able to function correctly all the time. They may stop eating too, which would affect their weight and bones. While their body continues to be unhealthy, their energy will weaken. says that their bodies could start feeling tired and might have troubles sleeping. While they remind themselves why they are not good enough, they think about suicide. May even start talking about death and dying. Sometimes, people get so overwhelmed about what others say about them, they can rage with anger and take it out on themselves, possibly people, like family. They could feel so upset that they bawl their eyes out and cry for hours. When feeling worthless, they think about all the negative possibilities. When they can not take it anymore, they can end up using alcohol to forget, and abuse drugs, which can lead to death if they take too many. Depression is a serious matter, according to, it can even raise the risk of heart disease, give pain disorders, anxiety attacks, chronic aches, phobias, contain trouble with school and work and make or end relationships. No one really knows how depressed people feel. Other than being tired of bullies and feeling like a disappointment. If we tried to understand them, maybe it would reduce depression, letting them know that we understand them and that they should not be depressed.

Between men and women, women are more commonly depressed, says Women usually start becoming depressed soon after they have given birth or for other reasons. While people are self-harming themselves, they do not notice that they are all needed. As an example, women are needed because they give birth and are a great use to our world. Compared to men, women are supposedly more sensitive and softer. Which can also make them break easier. When I say it can break them easier, I mean that words can offend women easier. Calling women names and insulting them brings down their self-esteem. Women really care about themselves. Some even care about how they look, if they are fat or not, or if they need makeup. Sometimes, women put makeup on because they feel like they are not pretty enough without it. Makeup or not, they still get made fun of. The last thing a woman wants to hear is that they are not good enough. It breaks them down even more. That’s how easy depression can affect a woman. The simplest thought of someone can tear another person down. Many people need to know that women are important. They are able to hold the future. Without women, no one would probably be on the earth anymore. Mostly because they gave birth to every person. What a man does not notice is that a lady helps make their life easier. When the man does not notice the positive impacts a woman makes, he talks about how women don’t do anything in the world other than staying home. It’s a simple speech, yet it offends women. Women are treated differently, and sometimes they can not take it. Women get depressed because of equality, criticism, and birth. When a baby is born, it makes more stress for a woman and it can take over. Equality can make life seem unfair and impossible to handle. Remaining is the most common reason women become depressed, which is criticism. Women are judged so often that sometimes, they take it seriously. Even if it was a joke, it still makes them wonder, why am I not good enough? Why? Over and over again until they can’t take it anymore. That’s when their life starts to darken and then they start talking about death. We need to try to stop depression that goes through everyone. Especially women because women depression is the most common.

In my opinion, depression is a mind game that’s dangerous. It can lead to serious complications and can put lives in danger. It can drive people insane in the inside until they explode. Depression is probably not your biggest problem in your life, or throughout the government, but it affects me and others. I’ve seen people harm themselves, or want to, and it’s not pretty. I’ve tried to be there for some, but they pushed me away. It made their contact to people smaller. I did help in some ways though, by making them feel important. As much as they hold in their feelings, they have to let it out sooner or later. Sometimes, it’s too late, they also could’ve tried cutting themselves. The main thing they sometimes need is just someone they can trust or talk to. Someone they know who won’t tell everyone. Depressed people sometimes want to be heard, or possibly need to be heard. If we all tried to help and give them our attention, maybe they will stop being depressed and brighten up. Knowing that this is the next generation, we do not want the U.S. to be gloomy and small. We need people to help out and show kindness towards them. If they do not feel loved by their own country, family, friends or anyone, then what do they have? We really need to try and show them how much they mean to us and help them before anything becomes worst than it already it is.

In conclusion, depression is a dark stage that we have to help out on. One person or several groups can not do it alone. When I did research on this letter, I did not even know that there many supporting groups out there. I never even heard of them. We need to start making a bigger impact on depression. Depression is a small negative problem, it may be small now, but it will be a bigger problem sooner or later. This problem is important, not everyone hears about depression, so no one really knows what’s going on. We have to show that we care about everyone, give them a chance and show that no one has a reason to be depressed. If we all helped out with depression, we could save lives and happiness.


Grace L.