Maison.Pazdera Wisconsin

Gun Control

Laws should be made to control gun ownership

Dear Future President,

I think when you become president you should consider thinking about gun control. It's a serious topic that needs to be talked about.

Reason one, If there was laws about the control over guns people would feel safer than they do now. At least 22% of Americans have one gun or more in their possession, say You are less endangered than before because, no one is going to be walking on the street and suddenly somebody pulls a gun out on them. People are ruthless and will do anything to feel greater because they think they have power. If there was a rule they would feel limited. Another reason is, there would be less deaths in the United States, says another website. People daily are having guns pulled out on them for no reason. Sometimes it may be for reasons, yet is it worth endangering someone’s life and their own? Not only are people murdering others but there are also suicides and the others of this sort. Lastly, the law can also go with the magazines that are sold and purchased, mailed, etc. These give people ideas of what they could do in the future. Right along with shops that you can go to. Sure some of this is used for a hunting but then again aren't guns that people use, hunting guns? Sure, you get tested on those, but in reality do you get tested and have to have our certificate to have others? No, some of the time you don't. Texas is one of the biggest states for having the most handguns, you can walk into a store and buy one without a question. People just don't feel respected or safe anymore without having to fear a gun getting pulled.

This is one of the popular topics going on in the debate, it's worth digging deeper into. When I have kids I want them to know what's right and wrong. Also that they can feel protected in this country that they call home. Gun control is no joke, it's important.