Esme D. New Jersey

The Affordable Care Act

I believe Obama Care is a great healthcare plan that keeps Americans safe.

Dear President elect Trump,

I strongly believe every American should have the right to be protected by a safe and affordable healthcare plan, which is why when you become President I would like to know if your new healthcare plan can share the same values as the healthcare plan President Obama used when he held office. The Affordable Healthcare Act, or commonly known as ObamaCare, covers many things, such as alcohol counseling, immunization or vaccines, cholesterol screenings for adults, preventive care for women, and mental health screenings. With ObamaCare you can’t be denied healthcare because of preexisting conditions, it is also a lifetime plan. Cost assistance is available to individuals, families, and small businesses through the Health Insurance Marketplace. These are just some of the many sumptuous qualities that are part of this healthcare plan.

The requirement to purchase health insurance mandate, originated in 1989 under President Ronald Reagan. Our society has come a long way since then. For example, under the care of President Obama Over 21 million people have access to affordable health insurance giving them access to primary doctors and preventive care. As a child, I believe this is a remarkable accomplishment for President Obama and our country! There are three levels of plans for Obama Care, the first plan is the Gold Plan, then the Silver plan, and lastly the Bronze plan.

The bronze plan is the lowest cost plan available, “It has the lowest premiums and the lowest actuarial value. The actuarial value of a bronze plan is 60%. This means that 60% of medical costs are paid for by the insurance company, leaving the other 40% to be paid by you.” (Obamacare-guide) The Silver plan is the second lowest plan; “It has an actuarial value of 70%. This means that 70% of medical costs are paid for by the insurance company, leaving the other 30% to be paid by you.”(Obamacare-guide) The second most expensive plan is the Gold plan, “It has an actuarial value of 80%. This means that 80% of medical costs are paid for by the insurance company, leaving the other 20% to be paid by you.”

In conclusion, I believe Obama Care is the health plan we should always use. Millions of Americans are protected because of ObamaCare, and they are now “off the streets” due to this amazing healthcare plan. Remember, “HealthCare is not a privilege but a right”!

Sincerely, Esme Dorcellus

Woodbridge, NJ

November 8, 2016