Meg R. Wisconsin

Dog Abuse

We should end all types of dog abuse.

Dear Future President,

There is a lot of dog abuse going on all over the world. Dogs are in bad environments and aren’t being taken care of properly. There are ways to tell if a dog is being abused, and is you look for those signs and do something about it you could be saving an innocent dogs life. I want to put a stop to dog abuse and I think you can help with doing that.

I have a close family friend that has a dog that was abused. His name is Maxx and he only has three legs. He could still have four legs and be a normal looking dog, if he wasn’t abused by his previous owner/owners. He was returned to the animal shelter with a broken leg that wasn’t treated right away, so the shelter had to amputate it(cut it off) do to the damage done to the leg already. Maxx is only one dog that was abused, and there are millions more that still need help.

There are multiple signs to look for when a dog is being abused. If there isn’t any shelter for it, if kept outside, that is considered abuse. Lack of grooming to the point that the dog has matting and sores, that is dog abuse. Their collar being so tight that it is breaking through their dog’s skin, that is known as dog abuse. The dog having a lack of food or improper food to the point of starvation, is also considered dog abuse. It is always best to report dog or any animal abuse to the authorities.

Almost 1 million animals are abused each year. Puppy mills, dog fighting, etc. are all examples of dog abuse. Puppy mills are where people try to make a profit off of selling and In puppy mills have bad environments, so in a result the dogs get illnesses such as heart and kidney diseases. Dog fighting happens all over in urban, suburban and rural areas. Thousand of greyhounds die each year from being bred for racing. Many of them don’t make to be 4-5 years old. In most cases of animal cruelty 64.5% are dog cases, and only 18% are cat cases.

There are different ways to abuse a dog, there are multiple signs to look for when an animal is being abused. There are many more stories like Maxx’s, about animals being abused. If you see a dog in need go and help it. If you had a chance to save an innocent dog’s life, would you?


Meg R.