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Why deporting all illegal immigrants is good for the U.S.

My letter is about how illegal immigrants are a drain on our society, also how it will benefit our country by deporting all of the illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Dear next president,

Illegal immigration is a huge problem that the U.S. is dealing with right now. First as said by the Federation For American Immigration Reform,"Illegal immigration costs federal and local taxpayers 113 billion a year." This obviously shows how much of a drain they are on our economy. Illegal immigrants are also the largest reason we have illegal drugs in America. I found this fact in the, Immigration of United states drug trafficking. Illegal immigration reduces the amount of jobs that could be given to the poor, and in poverty, that are legal citizens. Theft is increased largely by immigrants, because if they are unable to get a job, they have to steal to support their family, although it is a said situation it doesn't make it any less of illegal. People may say it is a racist act to deport illegal immigrants, but here is why it is not. Deportation isn't racist because, its not just saying that only the illegal Mexicans will get deported, like social media makes it out to be. Deportation will be used for any and all illegal immigrants no matter the color of your skin, even white illegal europeans will be deported if we decided, and should deport all of the illegals.

Work cited: Writer unknown, "The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers" FAIR, FAIR,      June 5th, 2016

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