Trang T. California


Racism is increasing!

Dear future president,

If we don't reduce racism, it will affect everyone. 

Think about how someone's race affects if they get accepted into college/school or how they get a job. This happens and it shouldn’t! They're people, just like you and me. So what if they're a different race, does that really matter? It might be that it affects the community. It does affect neighbors, classmates, workmates, and friends. But, I still think it shouldn’t affect those people.

I think possible solutions could be to say something and speak up. Here’s some solutions, stated by the website, It Stops with Me. The website says you should speak up for people if it feels okay to do so. It also says you can talk to a teacher at school, or just talk to someone. I believe that racism is a big problem. When people say, "What race are you?," that shouldn't even matter. I hope to see changes soon.