Max L. Georgia

Alternative Energy?

What will we do when we meet our oil crisis?

Dear Future President,

        How much longer can we live off of Saudi Arabia's fossil fuels? We obviously need to find an alternative, but if we leave Saudi Arabia's economy crumbling we're going to have more than just rouge Arabians (terrorists) to worry about. Some people may just say that we can live without petroleum and our advanced technology but the truth is we can't. Sure we could a couple centuries ago by people weren't so reliant on cars make and manufacture. Is our answer in the deep blue?

        We've already been using these "alternative energy sources" such as Solar panels and hydroelectric dams but these are expensive and produce such little power. One way to produce mass amounts of hydroelectricity is ocean turbines. Sure it hurts the underwater environment but who cares about those literal bottom feeders anyways? By investing money in ocean power technologies also known as OPT they can set up energy producing buoys also known as PB3 PowerBuoys® each one producing a megawatt of energy as it uses passing waves to produce power compared to the solar panel which can only produce 1000 watts which is 1000 times less energy than PowerBuoys® costing about $8 million for a 120-acre field of solar panels while it only costs less than $4 million to create these PowerBuoys®.

        Now we may have electricity down but where is all of the gas for cars. Well duh, with all of this electricity from the buoys we can resort to electric cars too. It's pricy; it's renewable and good for the environment (if anyone even cares about that matter). There are also hydroelectric fuel cells which is pressurized hydrogen that isn't as flammable as gasoline due to its fusion with oxygen. With this fuel you can go about 300 miles for only $50 which is costlier than gasoline but investing in that and making it more commonly used is sure to bring the price down unless of course the fuel cell companies take advantage of the decrease in gasoline in gas stations. The car itself costs about $23,100 which is rather decent.

        We could also assist the oil producing countries by setting them up and with these contraptions of ours so countries like Saudi Arabia won't perish or start attacking the Americans for stopping paying for petroleum. Now of course they'd still be paying for these energy alternatives and cars. Good thing we'll be in charge of manufacture because the Toyota cars themselves are made right here in America and the PowerBouys® are also made in America and Australia.

        With these new energy sources to run our country we can cross off running out of fossil fuels, but that’s only if we can work and create these goals. These are the alternatives we are going to need to adapt you to keep our country and maybe even the world strong and we start in the taxpayer’s pockets.


A Ken Bone admirer/worshiper (Max L.)