David G. Georgia

School Violence

School principals should have more rules enforced to stop school violence.

Dear President,

As the future president of the United States of America, aren't you tired of school violence? As a middle schooler, I suggest that school principals should make more rules to help stop school violence. Many kids have been killed, injured, or even locked up in jail because of school violence.

The main reason to end school violence is the kid casualties that are being caused. On April 25, 2016 a 16-year old girl was killed at Howard High School of Technology. She was jumped in a school bathroom and later died at the hospital. One main rule put into place to prevent school violence could have saved that young girl’s life.

Kids dying or being hurt can set a bad for that school, which results in student numbers to began to decline, and eventually can lead to the school closing. This can be avoided if principals put more rules in place to keep our schools safer.

School violence is one of the top 20 causes of student deaths. In order to fix this, a change must be enforced by the future president.

Sincerely, David G  

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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