Firekitty908 Wisconsin


This letter is about homelessness.

Dear Mr. President 

     There is one problem in the U.S is homelessness that we need to fix. The first reason is 10 million dollars on homelessness target in wisconsin. That veterans  are homelessness when they get back to U.S, some do come back home to their family some don't. We need people have a great life not a bad life and suffer out the cold. The second reason is the homelessness population is about 83,170 people are homeless in the in america. The third reason is that so many people die on the the illness  of HIV/AIDS that mostly that there are dieing from. 

That why we need to cure the help the homelessness and the other people of the world to help us out of our future.  That why we need to for the homelessness to have more ideas that people have that are homelessness. 

   The children in america is about 1.6 million homelessness in a USA in general.  Some kids can't afford collages or they don't have the money to buy a home they go homelessness. The collages students are between 21 or under  go mostly homelessness of no money at all.    

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