Maurisia H. Georgia

why do people have an impact

LGBTQ Rights

Congratulations on your victory Mr.\Mrs. president, we are glad you are in office. America needs your help though on this important matter. The LGBTQ community is affecting our nation and it needs to stop. There needs to be laws to protect them and also protect us; so we all can be happy.

The concern about bullying with the LGBTQ community is impacting our nation a lot, and also a bunch of stupidity. Everyone in their life has been picked on about something before. The world is a cruel place, but they can’t act like they’re the only ones getting bullied. What makes them different from the rest of us? Why is it such a big deal when they get bullied then when others? The top 3 reasons a child gets bullied aren’t being able to have friends, their intelligences, and their personalities. Gay bullying is something serious, but most people have come to terms with them. This should not be impacting us as much as it is.

Only 23% of American is a part of the LGBTQ community. And only 28% of Americans are comfortable their way of life. What happens to the 51% of us who doesn’t agree with their lifestyle and who aren’t comfortable with it? Are we left in the dark? No! One rule you can make to downgrade the violence in churches are, to start churches for the LGBTQ community. This can help because the amount of church violence due to the disagreement about sexuality. The church is supposed to be a safe place for families to go to praise god. How is the church supposed to be a safe place if people are arguing all the time? Also due to this gays are becoming atheist which isn’t fair too them. Another way this helps is, 89% of pastors will not marry a gay or lesbian couple. So, imagine the happiest moment of your life ruin by not being able to find a pastor to marry you. That’s how tons of gays feel every day. If there were churches just for them, they wouldn’t have to worry about that heartbroken feeling. People will say spreading us from them would be a bad thing, but this will help both the LGBTQ community and us church folks.

Now, people will always argue against this like people treat us different, and people always will have something to say about us. But people always have stuff to say about everybody. For example, the homeless people are judged every day. They aren’t able to live without help and people won’t help them they tease and pick on them. Also, the little people community is being teased too about something they can’t control.

Not saying anything is wrong with being gay bisexual or a lesbian but why is it controlling our everyday life. It should not be affecting us. So, future president, you are the one that can help us.