Jonathan S. California

Education is too expensive

In the text below, I explain my problem with the increased prices in college tuition

Dear President of the United States,

For the past several years college has increased in price and to this day it continues to rise. My biggest concern as a senior in high school is being able to afford college. In my family no one has attended college or even finished high school. My parents have faith that I will attend college and graduate with a degree. But to my disappointment that goal seems unreachable. Average tuition for private national universities have jumped 179% and in-state public universities rose 296%.

Also I think that teachers should be paid a higher wage than $56,000 a year, which was the median for high school teachers in 2014 in California. The reason I want teachers to be paid a higher wage is because they are the ones who shape young Americans and mold their way of thinking. Teachers create the future of America and should be compensated. I also think they should be compensated for all the trouble they have to go through to become a teacher. They have to get lots of diplomas and degrees in order to be a teacher and that costs a lot of money. And with college prices rising it's pretty tough for students who want to be teachers.

My question for the future president of the United States is: How are you going to reduce college prices and make it affordable for the average American or immigrant?

Concerned High School student