Juan New Jersey


There are too many homeless people around the globe.

Dear future president,

There are many homeless people around the globe all over the earth. Some of them even ask for money outside of stores, sidewalks, and the streets.The causes why people are homeless because the heartache in each person’s story is the same.Painful life circumstances and sometimes poor choices leave people to isolation and despair.Homeless people are an important issue in this country, that needs to be addressed.What we need to do is try help the homeless people around the world also makes their lives better.

When it’s winter some homeless people can get diseases because they don't live in a clean environment and don’t access to places they can cleanse themselves.Some might die during the freezing cold when winter comes.Homeless people also try to ask people to let them come inside their house so they can get warm.Some people around don’t have jobs, or are disabled and are not able to work which makes it difficult to survive this is why we should help them.3.5 million people are homeless every year.If we would lower that number even by a little it would have been better.

The future president, to donate money to homeless shelters or more places for homeless people to sleep and eat.Out of all the homeless people that there are in the world, about 40% of them disabled or hurt and they don’t have money to get medical care. I think that we could make a lot more shelters, donations, and charities to make life better for homeless people. Homelessness in the world is a major issue and has been since the early 1980s. We as a whole need to help homeless people get jobs or even homes by starting donations. We need to lower the amount of homeless people in the world.