Sarah G. Wisconsin


Dear the next president of the United States,

One issue that needs to be addressed in our country is equality for everyone. No matter their race, gender, sexuality, religion, economic state, age, or any difference everyone should be treated the same. Our country has great diversity and that is good when we make it a good thing. We give everyone the same respect and opportunities. We are all split by race and culture. There can be many cultures and people in our country we still need to offer the same things to everyone. Some one shouldn't be able to not do something people are doing with a different skin color. Some one should not be not allowed somewhere because of what they believe. Someone should be able to spend their life with someone they love no matter their sexuality. You can't choose what race you are, what you think, what you believe, what you want, or anything your heart wants. Your heart wants what it wants. No one should stop someone from being happy. There is no law that can stop someone's belief or love. 

According to the FEE, more than 75% of the country agrees with the fact that the idea of equality has changed over time. It has improved slowly ,but it does not match what it should. This 75% also believes we need to change. Just because someone is less fortunate in an economic state doesn't mean they shouldn't have any less opportunities in schooling or a job. The NLCATP recorded 99, 947 charges of employment discrimination. Race discrimination tops the list with 35.4% or 45,395 charges. Next, gender accounted for 28.5% or 28,534, age 23.5% or 23,465, disability 26% or 25,742, national origin 11.8% or 11,833, religion 4.2% or 4,151, color 2.8% or 2,832, GINA 0.2% or 245, and equal pay discrimination that accounted for 0.9% or 919 of charges. Just because someone has a different skin color than you doesn't mean they deserve anything less than you. Just because you aren't in a religion doesn't mean everybody else has to be. Just because you like the opposite gender doesn't matter if the person next to you doesn't. Just because you are a male doesn't mean that the female sitting next to you is any less capable of doing the same things. Diversity is what connects us, it shouldn't push us apart. We should want people to be different so we can understand more. We need to realize that our own opinion isn't always right. Sometimes there is more than one right answer.

We have an image of normal in this country. There shouldn't be just one image or normal but as many as there are citizens. Everyone is normal and perfect the way they are. They shouldn't change themselves to be an image someone else thinks is perfect. Think of this, girls in this country are so focused on the perfect image. Every girl wants to change themselves to be that perfect image. No matter it's their weight, height, teeth, how they look, or anything about themselves it needs to be perfect. Some girls hate themselves and want to change. What would you say to them? Would you tell them they should change and are not perfect? Or would you tell them they are perfect just the way they are? There are many companies that promote girls to not change. I would hope everyone in this country would tell those girls they are perfect just the way they are. How is that any different about a persons religion or sexuality? Have you ever thought that it was hard for the person to tell people they had that religion or sexuality? Or they aren't proud of who they are. Maybe they wish they were a different race or just different. Now they have finally accepted who they are and are proud of it. Are you gonna tell them that should hate themselves and change? Or are you gonna tell them they are perfect just the way they are? I bet the answer to those questions are different from the two examples. No one has the right to tell anyone else they are not perfect because there is no perfect.

I just hope that no matter who you are, you will make sure that everyone in our country is treated with the same respect. That everyone is given the same opportunities to be successful. The more opportunities given to more people mean more people will be successful. Successful people make a successful country. Isn't that what we want? Diversity is what brings us together and will make a strong country. So why would we want to discourage people who are different. So if you consider yourself normal then the people around you that are different are what make you you. They are the reason you have opportunities and why your country succeeds. Without them you wouldn't be where you are today.

Sincerely, Sarah Gregg

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