Ben Wisconsin

Gun Control

Why Gun control does not work.

Dear Future President,

I ask you to oppose Gun control, as it is useless and a waste of time and resources. It will not stop criminals from getting their hands on guns. Mexico has one legal gun store in the country, it has sold 6,490 guns in 4 years (2006-2010) yet Mexico has 15,000,000 guns. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”. Gun homicide is also not as terrible as it sounds, for example, The average american is 21.5 times more likely to die of heart disease then of gun homicide. In addition there have been more deaths caused by traffic accidents, the Flu and all types of poisoning deaths then homicide deaths. This means you are more likely to get hit by a car then shot to death. Guns are also needed to protect homes and lives. In Killeen, Texas a man drove his truck through a wall and got out to shoot and kill 22 people and wound another 20. If just one of those people had a gun, the massacre could have been stopped. After stating these reasons i ask you to oppose gun control, it is weak, useless and does more harm then good.