drew t. Wisconsin


Abortion should be illegal

Dear Future President,

As a President I know you have a lot of things you want to change and fix in our country.  One issue that I hope you can fix are the laws related to abortion. 

In my research I found that some of the reasons why people might have an abortion is because they could have been raped or the child has severe disabilities or they will not be able to care for the child because of money issues. 

One reason people shouldn't have an abortion is because it can actually be very dangerous to the mother.  Plus, it is taking the life of an innocent child.  Yet from the 1800’s to 1973 abortions were illegal in almost all states. Also, there is an estimated 6,800 women die each year from unsafe abortions.  Poor procedures and care cause some woman to get blood clots which leads to death.

Another reason is because of science there are multiple ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Most preventive methods have a small chance of failure.  Therefore, we should encourage better understanding of prevention.  At this time in history I think we have enough knowledge to stop the unsafe or unwanted pregnancies to be able to save both lives.

I think adoption should be encouraged more.  With adoption everyone wins. Couples wanting children get to have a family of their own.  Then children are raised in a caring environment and  that gives them a better chance to be more successful.  I personally do not think abortions should be legal anywhere because  it is taking an innocent human beings life.   To me that would be considered almost murder.  

I know you have a lot to worry about, but I hope you will consider the importance of saving the lives of innocent babies.  We have enough good people in the world who want children, so changing abortion laws might help make this a better world.


Drew T.