Martin D. Georgia

National Defense

The US should station more troops in countries around Syria rather than station troops in the Middle East to fight ISIS.

Dear Future President,

Recently, Paris was attacked by ISIS and caused terrorism by killing innocent civilians. ISIS had sneaked into Paris in a group of refugees; they had killed at least 128 people.

First of all, this shows that security is weak in countries around Syria, like France, because they were attacked by ISIS in Paris. I remembered that day when I saw on the news people hiding on their rooftops recording footage with their phones of ISIS members below them running through the streets of Paris.

Secondly, this is very important because ISIS could attack anytime if they want to.  The ISIS members are based in the city of Mosul, one of the largest city in Syria. If we don't station more troops to defend nearby countries, ISIS could sneak into the other countries as refugees, just like how they did in Paris.

Finally, it is not a good idea to station troops in the Middle East to fight ISIS because ISIS burned oil wells/ moats of oil to blind the sight of US planes and drones so we can’t see the enemies. I remembered watching CNN Student News and some people were still living in the city of Mosul along with the oil burning, making fumes.

So, in conclusion, the US should station troops in nearby countries to help defend from ISIS attacks rather than to station troops in the Middle East to fight ISIS. Future president, who ever you might be, take action and station troops to help defend nearby countries from ISIS attacks.


Martin D

Creekland Middle School

Ms. Boyle's Class

Ms. Boyle's Class

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