Barb New Jersey

Teen suicide

There are too much suicides in our country and our next president should be doing some thing about it.

Dear next President

In America we have a huge problem that makes us lose approximately 42,773 Americans everyday. The issue is teen suicide. Teen suicide is an issue that needs to be solved. In this world there are too much drama and teen drama makes them do crazy things, even losing their own lives.

In schools of America there are too much bullying. People who bully others are just making it easier for suicide attempts to happen. I believe that there should be more bullying prevention programs and you should try to show kids that you care by going to schools and teaching them the effects of bullying and why it should stop.

Did you know that young peoples with mental problems are at higher risk at suicide. Mental problems Such as anxiety, depression bipolar, disorder, or insomnia (not able to sleep easily.) I think instead of trying to take down your opponent you should focus on that you're trying to help people and not yourself. Maybe by focusing on what is happening in the world, like teen suicide, the people will see you as a real president. There should be a mental place where kids can be helped with their problems.

In this world there are so many lethal suicide ways to commit suicide. Such as firearms (guns) hanging or jumping heights. I think you should be more restrictions for kids and teens so they don’t have access to these things.  It is so easy for kids and teens to have access  to these things but there really should be a way for them not to even be close to these things.

On average there are 117 suicides per day.  There should be a way to prevent those suicides and decrease these numbers in 0 suicides per day.  Peoples lives matter the more suicides the less we have to the American population and the future of America.