culley Wisconsin

Crime Rate

Crime rate is too high.

Dear Future President.

I am writing to you because I am hoping that during your term as President you can help reduce the crime rate in America. As you know, the crime rate has gone up dramatically in the past couple of years. It will only get worse unless we work together to slow down or even stop the crime rates in all states.

Although, there are many reasons that crime has increased I found out through research the top three reasons for crime. The first reason is gang violence. As much as 82 percent is because of gangs. These kids are following other bad examples and not feeling cared for by their family. This would explain why 80 percent of the crimes are committed by juveniles. The third leading causes for crime is the economy and people living in poverty. That is rated as 74 percent of the reason people commit crimes.

I think it would help if we could lower the age kids could legally get a job. Most kids want a job by the age of 15, but you canโ€™t get hired until you are 16. If kids have jobs they would have no time for crime and they might meet better people. These kids could also give money to their families to help make things better for everyone. It all comes down to JOBS!

In my community the crime rate has increased because of property damage. I am surprised by that because my community is a very nice and caring. It hurts to know that people are coming into my community are vandalizing it. I believe most of the vandalizing is coming from kids such as teens that have no jobs.

I know you have a lot to figure out, but with the right people working hard to figure out the problems we can make this country better in many ways. Making more jobs and changing some laws would be a great way to start reducing crime.


Culley Thom