Spencer W. Wisconsin

Right To Bear Arms

Dear Future President, you should defend the constitution and keep the right to bear arms law.

One reason you should keep it is because they are just tools that we use to defend ourselves. We really can't be afraid of gun owners, because 22% of people have them and they can't be all bad. Another reason is that everyone can own a gun, so people that say they don't feel safe and all that, they can own one too. They shouldn't be protesting when the law applies to everyone. The last reason is that it is a law and a right, and in the United States of America, we have a right to freedom, and guns make people feel safe. We have a right to safety also. That is why I think you should defend our Right to Bear Arms. It makes people feel safe, it's a right everyone has the access to, and it is a common thing we have now days with terrorism and all. 

De Pere Middle School

Kleveno Block 2

This group is for students in Block 2.

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