Kush Georgia

Stopping Terrorism

We must put an end to all terrorism.

Dear President,

         In the past twenty years, we have had many terrorist attacks on the United States. Many people have died, and many families have been devastated. In your role as president, you must take a stand and do everything in your power to prevent terrorism. To do this you must improve border security, legislate administrative gun laws, and stop supporting dictators.

         The main way we can have less attacks is to increase our border security. If we increase our border security, we would have a safer country. Body scanners at airports can only see through clothing, not skin! We must improve these machines to where they could see under skin and clothing, so we would know if any attackers are sneaking in weapons. Airport security is not the only way to increase border security. The border line between the United States and Mexico is wide open for anyone. Terrorists could easily fly from Mexico and across the border. The sea ports also need to have security so that no one can use the sea to get into the United States. These are just few of the many things we could do to better border security.

        Another key way we could stop terrorism is to stop selling weapons and explosives to everyone. There needs to be a better policy where only citizens with a clean record can buy these weapons. In the time period we are in, it is way too easy to buy weapons. There have been many shootings in the United States, where most of the shooters obtained their guns illegally. People can easily come into the United States to become a citizen to just buy a gun. With that said, there should be a waiting time period before someone in the United States can buy a weapon. In 2016, there have been over twenty terrorist shooting in states across the United States. If we could implement a superior gun administration, we could cut down on thousands of deaths.

        The last important way to stop terrorism is to stop supporting the dictators who support terrorism. If we could stop this, terrorist groups in the Middle East would have no supply of weapons. Yet the United States is reinforcing the Saudi military with NSA intelligence operation for over seventy years now. In addition, top American terrorism experts say the United States supports brutal and tyrannical nations in the Middle East according to globalresearch.ca. In other words, we are arming the most violent terrorist groups in the Middle East. We must stop supporting these dictators if we want to cut down on the number of terrorist groups and attacks.

         With all of that said, we can better terrorist attacks with few simple steps. We just need to focus on border security, gun laws, and focus on democratic practices. If we all come together, we can make a difference, and put an end to terrorism.