Camila R. Florida

Illegal Immigration, is it good for the nation?

Letter to the future president of the United States

I have been a resident of the United States of America for eleven years now, and a citizen for a couple of months. I am writing to you because of the actions you plan on taking in the future regarding immigration.

Your future plans, as of now, consist of building a wall on the border of Mexico to block the passage in which illegal immigrants take to come into America. The plan for Mexico to pay for the wall was issued through the executive branch found at 31 CFR 130.120-121. What would supposedly be an ‘easy decision’ for Mexico to make in their one time pay of billions of dollars would then lead to the “proposed rule”, in which aliens would then not be allowed to wire money outside of the United States, the cancelling of visas, and protests.

As a young citizen of the United States of America, I am concerned of this policy that you are willing to place on America if you are to be elected as the next leader. I agree that there should be regulation of immigration, but building a wall isn’t the best way to put it under control. America is a top leader in this world, and instead of prospering amongst ourselves selfishly, we should provide help for other parts of the world as well. Mexico is a country in need of help and America should not shut them out and discontinue to help. Mexican immigrants account for a large portion of labor that America takes for granted.

Therefore, I am writing to you in order to open up the possibilities of what the future can bring rather than sticking to “The Wall Plan” which is supposed to solve all. Instead of creating a great barrier between countries, laws should be placed which would not only benefit Mexico, but the U.S. as well. Hardworking aliens should have the opportunity to become legal, and keep sending money to their family back home. Hardworking citizens is what America strives for and is receiving, even if it is by illegal immigrants looking for a better place.

Thank you for considering this matter.


Camila Rubinovich

Alonzo and Tracy Mourning student in AP Government

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