Carlos New Jersey

Have Guns Gone too Far?

Gun control is too lax and needs to be tightened.

Dear Future President,

Guns have been around for a very long time. I think that it is about time that we put some restrictions on how freely us U.S. citizens are allowed to flaunt them around. As you may have guessed this letter to you is addressing gun issues. More specifically gun control in general.

The first issue i will be addressing is the variety of weaponry we have to choose from. The weapons that you can buy in many states are absolutely insane. In many states you are allowed to buy military grade weaponry, and for what? Self Denfense? Noone needs a weapon as extreme as a fully automatic rifle for self defense. It’s absolutely absurd that in some states you can even buy these weapons without even having a license! Imagine the damage an unstable person with an Ak-47 could do. Military grade weaponry need to be banned for everyone except military or police personall. After all, why do you need a military grade weapon when a light handgun could serve the same purpose.

The next issue that I’d like to bring to your attention is that in many states it is legal to buy and use weapons without having a permit required. This is crazy! It is so insanely unsafe for someone without a license to use and buy a gun without any kind of licensing to prove that these are guns that they are allowed to have.

This issue relates to the buying and selling of guns in general. At gun shows you are allowed to buy, in any state, a weapon you’d like without having them check if you have a permit. Gun show hosts should be required by law to check if the person trying to buy a gun have the right permits to buy and handle the gun that they are selling.

When you try to get a permit to carry and buy a gun (In states that require permits) the process is not extensive enough. In many states it is exceedingly easy to get a permit. You just fill out a form and wait for approval… What? That is absolutely mad. It should be comepletely required that all permit requests must be followed by a backround check. This could help prevent people with past infractures of the law to not be able to get a gun again. Imagine if a killer who got out of jail went to a state where they were lax on their permit laws. He could easily get a gun a rob a store, or kill someone. All in all if you are trying to get a firearm license than you should have to go through a hard and extensive process to get one. It would deter anybody with a criminal or mentally unstable past from getting a gun. This would be extremely helpful is preventing criminals from easily getting weapons legally, therofore deterring them.

Now lets take a look on the other spectrom of this ordeal. Many gun rights believers use the argument that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” yes this is true in principle, but studies show that the passage of strict gun laws in Australia lowered the percantage of gun homicides by 59%. The percantage of normal homicides (Homicides without guns) stayed level, meaning that 59% of homicidal killers with guns as their weapons of choice didn’t just find another way to kill, they stopped killing completely! This basically proves that strict gun laws in america would lower the rate of killing overall!

Some people say that gun control is an infraction upon the second amendment. What i say to that is, who cares? Personally i believe that the safety of commonplace people outweigh the signing of some stupid law that allowed anybody to carry a deadly weapon.

I’d also like to bring to your attention as a closing note that 80% of mass shootings have the weapon being acquired legally. I think that this practically cements the fact that gun laws are too lax in this country. Thank you for your time Mr/Mrs president.