Ben B. Wisconsin

Gun control in America

Is the second amendment helping or hurting America?

I personally think that the government should not take away gun rights from american citizens, but to have a more secure way of who can get guns. I don't think taking away guns from people would bring down the gun deaths because criminals will still find a way to get guns. I am a hunter and if the government takes away gun rights, they wont be just taking away from me but from all of the people who use guns to provide for their families.

Having a more secure way for people to get guns would be a better idea than just taking away guns from us citizens that use them for good. If there was a way that people can check if the person buying the gun has a criminal record. Yes there will still be some shootings but the numbers will go down because there is a more strict way of how to get guns.

Taking away guns would not reduce the shooting deaths because criminals will still find ways to get guns and to create havoc. Taking away guns is taking away a right all american citizens get and use every day weather it is self defense or hunting, shooting target or providing for their families.

Sincerely, Ben B